Friday, April 24, 2009

RadioReference Mobile Interface Feature Updates

New features have been rolled out for the mobile interface at:

1) Retrieve Frequencies/Information based on Zip Code (US Only)
2) Frequency Search by State
3) Additional frequency details display for individual frequency entries (inputs,etc)
4) System ID and Custom Frequency Table information now available for trunked systems.

I've got more features and functionality planned - but these are some of the more highly requested updates that we make.



Anonymous said...

ya'll need to tune or turn down your antennas we are picking you up in south central pa,without a antenna
and i am not interested in your dispatches

Anonymous said...

I live in Vigo county Indiana I use to get the police calls but for some reason it has been taken off.Is there any reason why?

Patti said...

I really am having a wonderful time using this site. I found it through another use, who is a friend of mine. I did check out the mobile version, and did find it a lot easier to access; except for the fact that I can not listen to the feeds. I am blind and use a screen reader; while I can use the main site, and am thoroughlly enjoying it, the mobile version would really be easier to use..

Having shared those comments, I would also like to say, that although at the present time, I can not donate, I fully intend to in the future; providing things change so that I am able too. I appreciate your time, dedication, and hard working effort to make this site available to us, and would love to assist with it's maintainance:D

Patti from Delaware

keerti said...

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