Friday, April 24, 2009

RadioReference Mobile Interface Feature Updates

New features have been rolled out for the mobile interface at:

1) Retrieve Frequencies/Information based on Zip Code (US Only)
2) Frequency Search by State
3) Additional frequency details display for individual frequency entries (inputs,etc)
4) System ID and Custom Frequency Table information now available for trunked systems.

I've got more features and functionality planned - but these are some of the more highly requested updates that we make.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Acquires, Adds 500+ Live Public Safety Audio Feeds

San Antonio, TX -- April 21st, 2009 LLC (RadioReference) announced today its acquisition of, the Web's leading provider of online radio communications and public safety scanner audio feeds. This acquisition adds over 500+ live public safety scanner feeds to the RadioReference platform and provides a future foundation for the tremendous growth and popularity of listening to public safety communications online.

"Live public safety communications being broadcast online have experienced tremendous growth over the past two years and RadioReference has explored many avenues for offering this feature to our members," says Lindsay Blanton, president of RadioReference. "The ScanAmerica team has done a tremendous job of building their online community and their technology is well architected and top notch. This is a perfect fit with our strategy of adding additional content to the site."

ScanAmerica is the web's leading provider of online police and fire scanner feeds. Founded in 2008, the site quickly amassed over 550 feeds from all over the United States and receives visits from over 220,000 people per month.

"This transition to RadioReference is perfect for the online scanner community," says Gordon Edwards, owner of ScanAmerica. "The combination of our best-of-breed broadcasting services along with the RadioReference database will result in tremendous benefits for both communities - most importantly being increased audience and visibility."

ABOUT RADIOREFERENCE.COM: is the world's largest radio communications data provider, featuring a complete frequency database, trunked radio system information, and FCC license data. With over 210,000 members, RadioReference provides the most comprehensive collaboration platform for scanner listeners and public safety communications professionals.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Features and Changes for 4/9/2009

I'm pleased to announce two new features and updates to the Web site:

1. Premium Subscribers can now set their default display for input frequencies. See the "Database" tab under your account settings page.

2. We will now be moving all unstructured content (links, maps, logos, code lists, files etc) to the Wiki for each county/agency/trs page. Each entity's new wiki page can be accessed by clicking the "Collaboration" tab on any agency, county, or trunked system page. For information on this can be found here: Collaboration Tab.

Hopefully these changes will make it not only easier to view data in the database, but also easier for every person in the RadioReference community to contribute all kinds of revelvant information for their areas. Don't forget, anyone with a account can edit and add content in the Wiki, so please use this resource to its fullest.