Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coming in early June, Premium Feed Broadcaster Offering

We are excited to announce that in early June we will release a premium feed broadcaster offering. This is primarily intended for public safety agencies and commercial entities, however any feed broadcaster could upgrade their feed. The features include:

1) 90 day archive retention
2) Ability to automatically trim dead air from archives
3) Brand free set of Web players
4) No ads on your Web players or feeds
5) User defined lead-in audio feature
6) Private Feed support with delegated administration (you can restrict access to your feed to only users that you specify)
7) Complete access to all mount points and server details - do what you want with your feed, anywhere, anytime.
8) Full archive access via API to display archive files and lists on your sites/systems.
9) Full downloadable statistics

Our current offerings will not change, and you reserve the right to switch between being a normal RR feed broadcaster or a premium broadcaster at any time.

The cost for this offering will be $14.95/month per feed.

Look for more details coming soon, including the release date.