Monday, January 26, 2009

RadioReference Senior Leadership Position Announcements

RadioReference Members,

As you know, RadioReference has grown from a small radio communications oriented Web site to one of the larger sites on the Internet, requiring a tremendous amount of care and feeding to keep growth strong and participation high. There is no doubt that RadioReference is the "go to" destination for anyone looking to participate online regarding scanning and radio communications.

With this in mind, I've decided to form and staff 3 new senior leadership positions reporting to me that will take on formal responsibilities for different components of the Web site. This will allow us to have a group of individuals that will help drive how we bring great features, functionality, and a good end user experience across the database, the forums, and the wiki.

I take great pleasure in announcing the appointment of these three individuals into the following positions:

Lead Database Administrator and Manager - Eric Carlson (ericcarlson)

Eric has agreed to take the position of Lead Database Administrator, and will be responsible leading our database administration team, developing and formalizing policies and procedures for database management with your involvement and mine, and recruiting and making sure that our approach results in quality and accuracy in the database.

Lead Forums Moderator and Manager - Wayne Hayes (wayne_h)

Wayne has agreed to take over the head moderator position for our fast growing and very active forums. He'll be responsible for leading our team of moderators, making sure that we are on top of rules in the forums, and recruiting a team of focused and localized moderators that can make sure that the forums remain a friendly and welcoming environment. Expect to see great changes in the near future in the forums as we focus more time on improvement and growth.

Lead Wiki Administrator and Manager - Mike Agner (ka3jjz)

Mike has agreed to take the lead on wiki administration duties, which he's already been doing very well. The Wiki has become a very important and go to reference source for radio related information, and Mike will be working to better promote the use of this important reference source so that more folks participate and we continue to integrate more components of the Wiki into the overall Web site.

Please join me in welcoming these folks to their new formalized roles, and support them as much as possible as they begin to execute on their responsibilities over the next few months.

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